"There are few places in the Upper Cumberlands that are not special
to someone. There are even fewer places that are special to everyone.
Scott's Gulf is one of those places."

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Please use the text version provided below

The Scott's Gulf Virtual Tour

The Group Tour starts upriver in the eastern part of Scott's Gulf and moves downstream, but, since this is a virtual tour, you can just set out crosscountry if you want--just point and click on any of the red points of interest. We also have a text version.

1. Lockwood Cave
2. Flame Azaleas
3. The Devil's Breakfast Table
4. Buzzard's Roost
5. Copper Cascades
6. Bee Branch Falls
7. Puncheon Camp Creek Twin Falls
8. Yellow Bluff Overlook
9. The Fork Hole
10. Bee Creek

11. Rose Cave
12. Bee Creek Overlook
13. Big Spring
14. Philadelphia Wood Lily
15. Welch Point
16. Amber's Den
17. Mountain Camellia
18. Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness
19. Big Laurel Falls (VFPW)
20. Martha's Pretty Point (VFPW)

21. Cumberland Rosemary
22. Rattlesnake Point
23. Virgin Falls (VFPW)
24. Davis Cemetery
25. Wilson Ridge Overlook
26. West Johnson Spring
27. Dry Creek Falls
28. Chestnut Mountain
29. Lost Creek Cave and Falls
30. The Butts Bridge

More to come in the future.... Stay Tuned!

Many thanks to Ross and Brenda Cardwell for pulling together the majority of the photos in this tour.

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