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Buzzard's Roost

Buzzard's Roost looms over the upper gorge, a narrow pinnacle high above the cauldron of whitewater marking the Devil's Breakfast Table. The Buzzard's Roost is one of the most exposed viewpoints in the gulf and commands a spectacular 180-degree view of the river between Clifty and Bee Creek. A little below the bluff, down a steep, narrow, treacherous trail, is a small cave with an interesting history. When modern cavers first visited this cave in the early 70s, they noted there were signs of human habitation: bits of clothing, furniture, a pair of shoes. Later, other explorers maintained they had found a diary, written by the hermit that had inhabited this lonely spot for more than thirty years. The diary was supposedly left in the cave, as found, but since that time, no one has been able to locate it. Whether it was removed by subsequent visitors, or has decayed, or remains hidden in the cave, or even whether it ever existed at all, remains a mystery.

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