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The safety tips and emergency information provided below will start you in the right direction, but, as in most things, there is no substitute for common sense. First and foremost, know your own limitations and those of your group. Make sure you have the proper gear for the cave you are planning to visit and check to see that it is in good working order in advance. If you aren't sure what gear you will need for the cave, make an effort to obtain that information before you go caving. If you are not sure where to obtain that information, contact the NSS grotto nearest you for assistance. Use your intellect and you can have a safe, enjoyable time in caves.

NOTE: If you are new to caving and don't have the appropriate gear, you can still go on trips with the Upper Cumberland Grotto. Just let one of our officers know in advance of the trip that you need gear, and we will bring extra gear for you. Of course, if you do fall in love with caving, you will be expected to purchase your own equipment eventually, but you can continue to use grotto gear through our borrowing program in the meantime. For tips on how to get the gear you need at bargain prices locally, read the article on Caving Equipment and Outdoor Gear below.

DISCLAIMER: Caving is an inherantly hazardous activity. You could get hurt and you could get killed. The material on this web site is provided to help you avoid that outcome, but there is no certainty that it will do so. Neither the author nor Tennessee Tech University accept blame for the capriciousness of fate or the particulars of your situation.


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