"Leave Nothing but Footprints, Take Nothing but Pictures, Kill Nothing but Time."


The National Speleological Society is a national organization dedicated to the exploration, scientific study and conservation of caves. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, and founded in 1941, the NSS strives to educate cavers about such subjects as safe caving practices, cave fauna and protection of cave formations (speleothems).

Annual regular dues are $30 ($20 for full-time students) and membership applications are available through your nearest NSS internal organization (in the Cookeville area, the Upper Cumberland Grotto). Or you can contact the NSS directly at:

National Speleological Society
Attn: Membership Director
2813 Cave Avenue
Huntsville, Alabama 35810
Phone: 205-852-1300

Benefits of NSS membership include an annual convention, a monthly magazine called the NSS News, a semi-annual journal (the NSS Bulletin) devoted to publishing scientific articles and papers related to caving, a yearly summary (American Caving Accidents) of caving accidents, an annual membership manual, access to the NSS Library and Audio-Visual Library, and annual opportunities to participate in a variety of conferences, trips, contests, expeditions, workshops and other events. Visit their web page to find out more: https://www.caves.org/

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