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Tennessee Senator Lends His Support to the Gulf

from a letter faxed to White County Executive Tommy Denton on October 15, 1996

10/15/1996 10:16
10/15/96 TUE 08:40
FAX 615 269- 4803

United States Senate
WASHINGTON. DC 20510-4204
October ll, 1996

Mr. Masatoshi Ono
Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.
50 Century Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37214

Dear Mr. Ono:

I am writing to let you know of my concern about the future of what is known as Scott's Gulf, which is located in parts of White, Bledsoe, Cumberland, and Van Buren Counties in Tennessee. I am aware that the Bridgestone/Firestone Company is the owner of this property, and it is my understanding that the company is seeking to sell it.

As you know, this property is a valuable resource to nearby communities and the State of Tennessee. For years, people have enjoyed the area's scenic beauty while engaging in various outdoor activities.

I have been told that BridgeStone/Firestone is aware of the environmentally sensitive areas of this land, and that it is the company's hope to find asuitable buyer that will preserve its environmental integrity.

If the company cannot find such a buyer, I would like to work with you to explore other opportunities regarding its disposal. Scott's Gulf would be an excellent addition as a Tennessee park or wilderness area. In addition, there may be other federal options that could be examined.

If your staff has any questions regarding this matter, please call Chris Devaney of my office at (423) 510-9112. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to let you know of my concerns. I look forward to working withyou in the future on this important issue.


Fred Thompson
United States Senator


[The above letter was signed by Fred Thompson; however, the signature would not scan--Editor]

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