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from The Tennessean, Monday, December 23, 1996, Page B-6

Scott's Gulf Committee honored for preservation

The Scott's Gulf Committee was recently awarded the Tennessee TrailsAward by the Tennessee Trails Association Board of Directors.The award is given annually to a group or individual who has madesignificant contributions to trails and preservation of wilderness inTennessee.

Dedicated to raising public awareness of the 15,000-acre Scott's Gulfwilderness area, the committee formed a coalition of state and local government agencies, environmental groups, commercial businesses, and private individuals to protect the area 110 miles east of Nashville. The area, with its rugged terrain, lush forests and scenic bluffs, is owned by Bridgestone/Firestone and had been on the real estate market since 1981. The combined groups worked to convince the company not to sell the land, fearing a buyer might strip off the trees and develop it. The company took the area off the market in November and has said it will keep it off the market indefinitely, keeping the area as it is for the foreseeable future. Bonnie Green of Sparta,. Tenn., accepted the award for the groups.


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